The Crow Remake Trailer: Bill Skarsgård’s Tattooed Resurrection in Gory Action

The Crow Remake Trailer

Have you seen the new preview for Rupert Sanders’ version of “The Crow”? It stars Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs. This different look at the old favorite will be out on June 7th.

The story comes from James O’Barr’s comic book. It was made into a movie in 1994 with Brandon Lee. Now, they’re making it again. Both movies are about Eric Draven. Skarsgård plays Eric, and FKA Twigs plays his girlfriend, Shelly. Something bad happens to them, but that’s not the end.

Eric finds himself stuck between life and death. He’s determined to get justice for Shelly. He goes on a mission to make things right, even in this spooky world.

In the new trailer, we see Eric coming back to life with a strong urge to get revenge. He’s got some new powers that make him almost unbeatable. Even bullets and stabbings don’t stop him as he sets out to make things right.

Eric turns into a sort of hero who’s not afraid to do dark things to avenge Shelly’s death. The trailer shows him facing some scary and violent situations. There’s a tense moment where he shoots himself to stop someone from attacking him. Then, he pulls out a sword from his own body to fight back.

The Crow Remake Trailer

The trailer gives us a peek into Eric’s determined fight for justice, full of action and bravery even when things seem impossible. In a special interview with Vanity Fair, Sanders talked about what inspired him to make the movie. He’s interested in exploring themes like love, loss, sadness, and what happens after we die.

The first “Crow” movie was made by Alex Proyas and starred Brandon Lee, who tragically died while filming because of a mistake with a prop gun. Despite this sadness, the movie was finished and released by Miramax.

Sanders respects Brandon Lee a lot and hopes that their version of the movie keeps the spirit of his performance alive. He thinks Bill Skarsgård, who played Pennywise in “It,” honors Lee’s memory in his way.

Bill Skarsgård stars in this new version of “The Crow,” along with FKA Twigs, who’s known for her acting and music. The original “Crow” movie led to three sequels that came out later, and it has a strong fan base even after many years.

To get a sneak peek at Sanders’ take on “The Crow,” check out the trailer below.

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