Sydney Sweeney Jokes About Madame Web Flop in SNL Monologue

Sydney Sweeney's

Sydney Sweeney made her debut on Saturday Night Live with a funny twist. She talked about her role in a movie called Madame Web, which didn’t do so well. But she didn’t forget to mention her popular roles in shows like Anyone But You and Euphoria.

During her opening speech, Sweeney said, “You might know me from Anyone But You or Euphoria, but I’m pretty sure you missed me in Madame Web.” This joke showed that she can laugh at herself and talk about the good and bad parts of her career in a friendly way.

Even though Madame Web didn’t get much love, Sweeney showed she was good at comedy on SNL. She’s not afraid to talk about both the good and bad sides of being famous.

Critics didn’t like Madame Web much. Clarisse Loughrey from The Independent gave it a really bad one-star review. She said the movie felt like a cheap superhero you’d see on a carnival ride, and it seemed like it was trying too hard. Sydney Sweeney isn’t the only one making jokes about the movie.

Her co-star Dakota Johnson also teased it during her SNL speech in January. She joked that it felt like a computer made a boyfriend for you, which was pretty funny. These jokes from the actors show they’re taking the bad reviews of Madame Web in a light and funny way.

Sydney Sweeney in ‘Madame Web’
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Dakota Johnson talked about feeling nervous while filming Madame Web. She said it was strange acting against a blue screen for special effects. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she couldn’t believe they had to pretend there were explosions and react without anything real happening. But even though she had doubts, she hoped she did well in her role despite the unusual way of filming.

During her SNL speech, Sydney Sweeney made things funny by talking about her on-screen image. She joked that people might only know her as “the girl on TV who screams, cries, and has sex. Sometimes all at once!” This playful comment showed that she has played different kinds of characters and she’s excited to show more of herself to the audience beyond just what they see on screen.

Sydney Sweeney, famous for her role in The White Lotus, didn’t ignore the rumors about her dating co-star Glen Powell during her time on SNL. With a bit of humor, she said the rumors were “obviously not true.” Then, she jokingly mentioned that she co-produced Anything But You with her fiancé, pointing out Powell in the crowd with a smile, which ended the speculation.

On top of that, Sweeney’s SNL episode included a performance by Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves. She sang her latest songs “Deeper Well” and “Too Good to be True,” adding even more fun to the already star-packed show.

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