February 25, 2024
After Divorce, Sania Mirza

After Divorce, Sania Mirza Exposed Pakistani cricketers

Indian tennis sensation, Sania Mirza, and former Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik, have recently parted ways, with Shoaib embarking on his third marriage with Pakistani actress Sania Javed. Simultaneously, Sania Mirza has initiated divorce proceedings. The high-profile couple remains in the spotlight, with several of their videos going viral on social media.

Revisiting the Past

As Shoaib Malik ties the knot with Sania Javed, old videos of Shoaib and Sania discussing their marriage are resurfacing. One such video from their show “The Mirza-Malik Show” is gaining traction, where Sania sheds light on how Pakistani cricketers treat their wives.

Pakistani Cricketers’ Unique Hobby: Teasing Their Wives

In the viral video, Shoaib Malik humorously describes the journey of love, stating that after being born, love is found first from parents and then from wives. Sania interjects, playfully asserting that Pakistani cricketers particularly enjoy teasing their wives. She goes on to share that the biggest hobby of Pakistani cricketers is making light-hearted jokes at the expense of their wives.

Shoaib Malik Faces Trolling

Sania Mirza, in her candid revelations, explores how Pakistani cricketers behave with their wives. The video has sparked a wave of trolling directed at Shoaib Malik, with fans expressing varied reactions to the humorous take on the cricketers’ marital dynamics.


As social media buzzes with reactions to Sania Mirza’s revelations, the video provides a glimpse into the lighter side of the relationships within the world of Pakistani cricket. The playful banter between Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza sheds light on the unique dynamics that exist behind the scenes in the lives of these sports personalities.

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