February 25, 2024
Emma Roberts

Proud Dad: Eric Roberts Gushes Over Daughter Emma Roberts Every Day

In a heartfelt expression of paternal pride, renowned actor Eric Roberts openly admires his daughter, Emma Roberts. Acknowledging Emma’s achievements, Eric expresses his pride in her daily, highlighting her 2023 rom-com, “Maybe I Do,” as his personal favorite among her projects.

Eric Roberts Gushes Over Daughter Emma Roberts Every Day
Eric referred to Emma as his “precious daughter” in a rare Instagram post commemorating her birthday in 2023.

Despite maintaining a private family life, Eric took to social media to extend birthday wishes to Emma, affectionately referring to her as his “precious daughter” and expressing confidence in her growth and success.

Emma, who followed in her father’s footsteps to become a successful actress, holds a special place in Eric’s heart. In a rare interview with Hollywood Reporter, he shared the joy of witnessing her acting career unfold without formal training, describing it as a delightful experience.

Emma Roberts
Eric claims that, aside from performing, his “favorite job on the planet” is being a grandfather.

As a grandfather to four grandchildren, including Emma’s son Rhodes, Eric embraces his role as a grandparent, describing it as the “best job on the planet.” He relishes the opportunity to be whatever his grandchildren desire, be it a cat or a dog, emphasizing his love for the role.

At 67, Eric, with an impressive 600 acting credits on IMDb, reveals that while he’s slowing down a bit, he has no plans to stop soon, with 89 projects in the works. He continues to receive numerous offers daily and approaches projects with an open mind, even supporting student filmmakers in lesser-known productions.

Emma Roberts
Emma followed in her father’s footsteps and became a successful actress.©FX Networks/Courtesy Everett Collection

Eric’s latest film, “The Private Eye,” co-starring comedian Matt Rife, showcases his versatile talent and his genuine admiration for Rife’s comedic prowess. Despite his extensive career, Eric’s passion for acting remains unwavering, emphasizing the joy, experiences, and opportunities it brings into his life.

In summary, Eric Roberts’ pride in Emma, his cherished family life, and his enduring passion for acting shape a narrative of a seasoned actor appreciating both personal and professional facets of his rich and fulfilling life.

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