Berlin Competition: ‘La Cocina’ with Rooney Mara Sells Nearly Worldwide for HanWay

La Cocina' with Rooney Mara

“La Cocina,” the captivating drama featuring Rooney Mara, has garnered widespread attention since its debut at the Berlinale. Exciting news continues to roll in as HanWay Films secures distribution deals for numerous international territories, ensuring that audiences worldwide will have the opportunity to experience this compelling story.

The film has found homes in various countries, including France with Originals Factory, Australia and New Zealand through Vendetta, and Spain via Avalon. Other territories such as Italy (Teodora Film), Benelux (Cherry Pickers), and Switzerland (Filmcoopi) are also set to showcase “La Cocina” to eager audiences.

Scandinavia will witness the drama through Mis. Label, while Poland (Monolith), Romania (Bad Unicorn), and the Baltics (Acme) eagerly await its release. The Czech Republic (Film Europe), South Korea (The Coup Inc.), and Japan (Sundae) are among the many regions where audiences can anticipate the arrival of “La Cocina.”

Additionally, Taiwan (Filmware International), China (HisHow), and Greece (TFG) are preparing to screen the film, along with the Middle East (Front Row), Israel (Forum Film), and Singapore (Shaw). Furthermore, audiences in Ukraine (Arthouse Traffic) and Indonesia (Falcon Pictures) will soon have the opportunity to enjoy this captivating drama.

Notably, Square One Entertainment sealed a significant deal for distribution in Germany and Austria ahead of the Berlin Film Festival, further solidifying the film’s global reach. Moreover, partnerships with Cinesky ensure that “La Cocina” will also be available for viewing on ships and airlines, extending its reach even further.

According to sources, a deal for distribution in the U.K. and Ireland is on the verge of being finalized, indicating the growing anticipation for “La Cocina” in those regions. Additionally, Fifth Season, a co-financer of the film, is collaborating with WME to represent North American sales, further highlighting the film’s buzz and potential in the market.

Directed by the highly acclaimed Alonso Ruizpalacios, known for his previous works like “Güeros” and “A Cop Movie,” “La Cocina” marks his fourth feature film and promises to be another masterpiece. The film has already garnered attention and acclaim, especially following its impressive showcase at the Berlinale. With a stellar cast featuring double Oscar nominee Rooney Mara alongside Mexican talent Raul Briones, known for his roles in “A Cop Movie” and “Asfixia,” “La Cocina” offers a compelling reinterpretation of Arnold Wesker’s renowned play “The Kitchen.” Variety’s review aptly describes it as “a thrilling in-spirit adaptation,” seamlessly transposing the original narrative from midcentury London to the bustling streets of modern-day New York.

“La Cocina” unfolds amidst the bustling lunch rush at The Grill, a popular spot in Manhattan. Tension rises as suspicions emerge about missing money from the cash register, leading to an investigation targeting the undocumented cooks. At the center of the turmoil is Pedro, portrayed by Briones, who finds himself the primary suspect. Pedro, characterized by his dreamer nature and penchant for trouble, is entangled in a complicated dynamic with Julia, played by Mara. Julia, an American waitress, struggles with commitment, adding another layer of complexity to their relationship.

Rashid, the owner of The Grill, offers Pedro a lifeline by promising assistance with his immigration papers, a chance for Pedro to attain legal status. However, a startling revelation concerning Julia pushes Pedro to a breaking point, triggering a series of events that threatens to bring the operations of one of the city’s busiest kitchens to a grinding halt.

“La Cocina” is a creation of Ruizpalacios, who both wrote and directed the film, drawing inspiration from Wesker’s play. The production boasts a talented team, with Ramiro Ruiz, Gerardo Gatica, Lauren Mann, and Ivan Orlic serving as producers. The project is a collaborative effort, co-produced by Filmadora in partnership with Panorama, Fifth Season, Astrakan Film AB, and Seine Pictures, showcasing a fusion of creative minds and resources to bring this gripping story to life.

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