James Cameron’s New ‘True Lies’ BTS Clip Reveals Miami Skyscraper Plane Perch!

true line behind the scene

James Cameron cares about making movies that feel real. He works super hard to make sure everything looks and feels true to life. In “The Abyss,” for example, he made real diving gear and submarines instead of just building sets. This made the underwater scenes look as real as possible.

And in “Titanic,” he went all out to recreate the massive ship accurately. Every little detail was important to him. Even in action-packed movies like “True Lies,” Cameron pays attention to the small stuff, like when the hero flies a jet around skyscrapers to save his daughter. He made sure it felt believable, not just flashy.

What makes Cameron special is how much he cares about making his movies feel authentic. He doesn’t just want to entertain people; he wants to pull them into his stories. That’s why his movies are loved all over the world.

Okay, so let me clear things up a bit. Schwarzenegger didn’t fly a jet over downtown Miami with his movie daughter hanging onto the cockpit like in some wild action scene. But guess what? In this special clip from the extra stuff you’ll get with the new super clear version of “True Lies,” James Cameron spills the beans about how he and the big-shot visual effects guy, John Bruno, cooked up some movie magic.

Here’s the scoop: Bruno came up with this crazy idea that even Cameron himself had a hard time wrapping his head around at first. He suggested sticking a model on top of a real building to make it look like some heart-pounding action was going down. Can you believe that?

True Lies by James Cameron
image source Variety

These little behind-the-scenes stories show just how far Cameron and his crew were willing to go to give us those edge-of-your-seat moments that feel so real. It’s like peeking behind the curtain and discovering the secrets that make movie magic happen.

Cameron looks back, saying, “We were going through storyboards during pre-production, and he suggested, ‘Why not stick the jet on the building?’ I was like, ‘No way, that’s crazy.’”

Acknowledging the scene’s comic book feel, Bruno emphasizes Cameron’s boldness, saying, “It’s got that comic book vibe, but Cameron’s one of the few who’s got the guts to make it happen for real. It could easily be cheesy if it doesn’t look absolutely real.”

They then explain how they pulled it off. They built a full-size model of the Harrier and mounted it on a gimbal atop an actual skyscraper in Miami. “So we had a real jet, real lighting, and the real cityscape, which allowed us to capture some incredible shots,” Cameron explains.

Watch the clip below to see the crew maneuvering the plane during filming: “True Lies” is set to make its debut on Blu-ray and 4K UHD for the first time on March 12th.

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