February 25, 2024
Emma Stone and Margaret Mead's Impact on the Psychedelic Era: Fresh Air Weekend

Emma Stone and Margaret Mead’s Impact on the Psychedelic Era: Fresh Air Weekend

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Emma Stone and Margaret Mead's Impact on the Psychedelic Era: Fresh Air Weekend
Emma Stone has been nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Bella in Poor Things.

This week on Fresh Air Weekend:

  1. Turning Anxiety into a Superpower: Emma Stone’s Journey: Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Oscar-winning actor Emma Stone. Despite experiencing her first panic attack at the tender age of 7, Stone shares how acting has become her coping mechanism. She reveals how embracing her “big feelings” and immersing herself in the present moment during performances has transformed her anxiety into a unique superpower.
  2. Feud Unveiled: Truman Capote vs. NYC’s Society Ladies: Don’t miss out on the latest feud presented in the eight-part FX series. With a stellar cast featuring Tom Hollander and Naomi Watts, this show goes beyond the surface, offering viewers a gripping narrative that transcends the typical dynamics of reality television. Discover how this series elevates beyond the label of “the original Real Housewives.”
  3. Margaret Mead’s Influence on the Psychedelic Era: Explore the historical connection between renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead and the psychedelic era in “Tripping on Utopia.” Historian Benjamin Breen takes us on a journey through Mead’s early research into psychedelic substances and unveils how it played a role in clandestine CIA experiments involving psychedelics for interrogation purposes.

Tune in to Fresh Air Weekend for an enriching and diverse lineup that caters to your weekend entertainment needs. Whether you’re interested in the personal stories of acclaimed actors, the drama of historical feuds, or the intriguing links between cultural icons and psychedelic exploration, we’ve got it all covered. Sit back, relax, and let Fresh Air Weekend be the soundtrack to your leisurely days

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