Test Screenings for Daniel Goldhaber’s Remake of ‘Faces of Death’ Underway


Daniel Goldhaber’s remake of “Faces of Death” was first announced in 2021 and started filming on April 10, 2023, finishing on May 12 of the same year. Legendary Entertainment led the project, aiming to give a modern twist to the 1978 cult classic. Like Goldhaber’s previous films, “Faces of Death” was made on a budget of $7.4 million.

The original 1978 “Faces of Deathgained notoriety for its controversial content, showing gruesome deaths worldwide in a docu-fiction style. It was banned in many countries and had a big cultural impact, possibly influencing future horror films like “The Blair Witch Project.”

Daniel Goldhaber

The remake stars actors such as Dacre Montgomery, Barbie Ferreira, Josie Totah, and Charlie XCX. Unlike the original, the film focuses on a woman who moderates a YouTube-like platform and has to filter out violent content. The story hints at her encountering a group reenacting murders from the first film, sparking a debate about the authenticity of online content.

After a recent test screening in California, initial reactions to the film have been positive. People describe it as a modern, meta take on the original, exploring themes of internet culture and viral content. Strong performances from lead actors, especially Barbie Ferreira and Dacre Montgomery, add to the film’s intensity. A notable scene is a tense single-take chase sequence that shows off the film’s skill.

With Goldhaber’s reputation from acclaimed films like “How to Blow Up A Pipeline” and “Cam,” there’s a lot of anticipation for “Faces of Death.” While there’s no distributor or release plan yet, its potential for success suggests it won’t stay unsigned for long. Goldhaber’s rising talent makes him a filmmaker to keep an eye on.

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